My name is Viviana and I am an erotic massage therapist. I am a well educated, attractive and extremely feminine young girl with a sexy body and a charming personality.

As you may know, the movements of a massage create a sensation of serene happiness and internal joy in a gentle world that allows us to feel that the soft and warm hands touching us invade us, possess us, fulfill us and recognize us from the deepest part of our being…

An erotic massage is about stimulation and sensual relaxation, not sex. It is about sensuality and physical pleasure, not sexual gratification. It is just that... a massage from head to toe! I will touch and stimulate your body in order to find that very point or points of relaxation where you can totally let go and enjoy yourself!! I know some people assume that things can go further during their massage, and usually ask for more, but that is just not an option.  

My main job is to provide you with a truly sensual experience, there is nothing more than the type of massage you agree to in the first place with an erotic hand-boobs job at the end or an exciting tantric lingam massage.  I do not perform extra sexual services. Remember, erotic massage: It is sensual, not sexual. No escort service performed.  

I will be delighted to give you an exclusive massage: a very relaxing massage combined with a unique touch of sensuality and erotism... I assure you it will be a very pleasant experience, as it combines the benefits of a good massage with the nice feeling of being pampered and a little bit spoiled! …your mind, body and soul will thank you!

This massage is an unmatched combination; you will experience a series of vibrant and enjoyable sensations. I offer a very professional massage with a therapeutic technique, but including a sensual and sensitive body-to-body massage… these massaging techniques can heal you from the deep within, as the sensual massage is a holistic therapy in that it works on the person as a whole. Moreover, it is an excellent way of treating minor ailments, stress and negative emotional states in any person due to any reason. NO SEX, but I am very sure, it will be a quite pleasant sensual experience for you!

Do not hesitate and come to visit me as soon as possible!

I have a variety of therapies waiting for you...You can choose one of the following: 

Relaxing -decontracting -sportive massage

This massage consists in a repetitive serie of manipulations of soft tissues and muscles relevant to the training activity with the aim of reducing stress and tensions. It also drains away fatigue, relieves swelling, promote flexibility, relieves pain, prevent injuries and increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow pressure. It is given in a massage table.
Length: 50-60 minutes
Price: 50 Euros

Combined massage

This massage is a combination of pressure and sensuality. It gives superb therapeutic results. Recommended for total relaxation. It is given in a massage table or in a tatami.
Length: 60 minutes
Price: 70 Euros

Relaxing erotic-sensual massage

If you really enjoy to be massaged and let go yourself to new experiences...this massage is just for you.   This massage is a very sensual and relaxing massage. You will be massaged from head to foot. It is applied with the full body. It is a delightful experience you will love it!
Length: 45 minutes //  60 minutes 
Price: 80 Euros //  100 Euros

***Every massage includes for your maximum relaxation, if you wish, a lingam massage. ("erotic tantrique-inspired handjob")at the end****

***If you are unable to come to my place, I will be delighted to assist you at your hotel room, if you book your appointment in advance
The applicable rate is 150

Come and enjoy the pleasure of being pampered!

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